Best Golf Camera Stabilizer

  • Auto-Track to Catch Every Moment:Through the Rigiet app, simply drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track. Rigiet will follow the object and keep it in the frame for a perfect shot. Sourced from advanced algorithm of artificial intelligence, it can ensure that the target to be captured in the center of the image. No matter how the photographer or the target to be photographed move, it allows to capture stable and smooth images just like film.
  • Stable Motors and Precise Machine: Each Rigiet is outfitted with 3 precision motors which have obtained international patents. The precision motors, originated from robot joint technology, with the precision up to 0.01°, far surpass common consumer-class electronic products. It makes Rigiet to have an ultra stabilizing effect with professional robotic manipulator, which can run in an extremely sensitive and smooth manner.
  • Motion Timelapse to Show the Passing of Time:Motion Timelapse function allows you to take wonderful pictures and record the passing of time. The motion time-lapse function can also support user-defined shooting route and time interval for shooting creative photos with your own style.
  • Rigiet adopts advanced machining technique. The space aluminum body elaborately machined by 36 CNC procedures and refinedly polished to the result as exquisite for smartphone shell. The handle design is in line with ergonomics.
  • Brilliant Views Created by Multiple Filters Rigiet provides several filters, which allows the same picture with diverse styles in presentation. Without need of retouching, you can directly take pictures with different styles.