Gesture Correcting tool

【Low center of gravity design】Made of chrome plated steel, with center of gravity. The whole theory is to have the weight closer to the hands where. This trainer helps elongate your backswing , plus grooves. Your muscles benefit from more.
【Practical】Outside surface electroplating , surface light , mounted rubber correct posture grip hand shape grip , can be right grip posture , backswing test action , speed , remedical movement position , let your swing perfect . The weight of golf club head is adjustable, helping to swing your swing.
【The necessary tools】This tool will keep your arms locked and keep you from breaking your wrist when following through on a putt. Via setting the correct hinge position to swing over your back it allows you to get the perfect swing of the artificial feel. Take this tool to the driving range and practice until it becomes natural. Adjustable circumference, fits most people’s arm.