Golf Windproof Reverse Umbrella

  • INNOVATIVE – Innovatively designed with reverse folding to protect you from getting wet; umbrella closes with wet part being folded inside. Never get wet again from your closed dripping wet umbrella. Opens easily when going back into the rain, without exposing you to the wet part.
  • WINDPROOF – Designed with a double layered vented canopy for maximum wind-resistance. Allows for the wind to be effectively channeled through the canopy vents, effectively preventing any flipping up due to wind pressure. Guaranteed to keep you fully dry while withstanding powerful gusts of up to 55 mph without turning inside out.
  • HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP – The Gideon Windproof Reverse Umbrella features premium quality parts and is extremely durable; fortified with eight (8) reinforced ribs to amazingly withstand high winds and storms. Spacious 39” canopy provides wide rain protection coverage.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Feature a unique rubberized and slip proof c-shaped handle to allow holding the umbrella while using the wrist, rather than holding it with the palm of your hand. This lets you use your hands for other tasks such as carrying stuff, using a mobile phone, etc.
  • SELF STANDING – The Gideon Windproof Reverse Umbrella features an amazing self-standing feature to allow drying without the need to lean it against a wall. Simply close the reverse umbrella and put it down, the umbrella will remain standing on its own.