Individual golf ring targets

The eGolfRing is the short game practice aid that no golfer wants to share. The genius of the eGolfRing short game practice system is in its simplicity.

  • The idea of the original eGolfRing was to create a 6 foot diameter visual target around the hole. Anything ending up inside the 6′ circle left you less than 3′ to the cup – a statistically makeable putt!
  • It is so thin the ball rolls right over it without altering speed or direction.
  • It is the only golf practice aid that gives golfers instant feedback with 100% accuracy.

The eGolfRing enables golfers of every age and skill level to effectively put short game techniques into action by providing the appropriate visual target to “groove” the chip, pitch or putt by. Most importantly, the eGolfRing makes practicing your short game fun! Regular users talk about it being a “game within the game”. The eGolfRing will change the way you learn to lower your scores and increase your confidence. The eGolfRing is being used by some of the biggest names in teaching and tour golf each time they practice. Isn’t it time to put it into action for you? The eGolfRing…It’s a Game Changer!

We now sell individual rings to give you maxium flexibility on how you want to set up your short game area. For example put one 6′ ring around the hole but have five 18″ landing stations around the green. Create a game for kids where the 12′ circles are the green. Use the 3-foot rings for lag putting drills.