JJTGS Hand Grips Strengthener Exerciser

  • Durable Construction & Ergonomic Design – Built with high quality strong chrome springs and Non-slip handle covered with soft comfortable and durable rubber.
  • Adjustable Resistance – Adjustable from 22 to 88 lbs (10 to 40 kg). Satisfying different power levels and suitable from the beginners to the seniors. They can easily adjust the resistance from the forearm exerciser depending on their needs.
  • Best choice to Rehabilitation – Useful for patients with hand injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or on the way to recovery from injured hand / wrist or tendon surgery. A periodic training will accelerate blood circulation.
  • Useful In Hand / Finger / Forearm / Wrist Exercise – Provide a great aid in hand or finger exercise. Perfect for different occupational people with diverse aims. For example, you can use them to strengthen the hand power in rock or wall climbing, golf, gymnastics, tennis, etc.
  • Exercises Anywhere and Anytime – Portable and easy to fit in bag or pocket. Exercising your hands with no limited of time and space.