MepLife Power Wrist Ball

High quality&Healthy Materials: The wrist ball impact resistant structure with military-grade plastic shell to protect your spinner gyro ball toy. Environmentally friendly without electromagnetic radiation The silicone grip non-toxic,hypoallergenic,and it can be contacted your skin directly. It can increase the strength of the fingers and the endurance of the wrists.
★Lighting & No Battery & Safe : The hand exerciser ball lights up when it’s spinning, And the faster you turn, the brighter the LED lights (blue or green or white or orrange color shinning ) will be on the wrist ball.It will keep lighting up as long as it’s spinning.At the same time,the silicone grip ensures that the forearm exerciser ball won’t run out of your hand as you turn it at high speed.
★Toys or Exercise -Release Stress & Physical Therapy : Arm strengthener for stronger ,muscle and bones .Stress balls treat more than just anxiety, they are also effective physical therapy tools for relieving pain.Hand Exercise ball perfect solution to strengthen your fingers, palms ,wrist and forearms.